At the border of Umbria and Tuscany, Bolsena is a small village in the northern Lazio, in front of the lake. Halfway between Rome and Florence, it’s the perfect destination for a day trip in every season of the year: summertime is perfect for swimming, sailing and walking in the countryside, winter's attraction is the charming atmosphere of the medieval quarter, looking at the magnificent colours of the lake.
Starting with a visit to the Basilica of Santa Cristina, the church of the Eucharistic miracle of 1263 admire the works by della Robbia's school, the altarpiece by Sano di Pietro, look at the altar of the miracle and discover the history of Santa Cristina before venturing out to explore  the catacombs of the III° BC. Out of the church, take a walk along the Corso till Piazza Matteotti, and then the steep walk on the left of the theatre will lead you to the medieval district and to the castle for a  visit to the Museum and the aquarium. Walk through the characteristics narrow cobblestone streets and enjoy the magnificent views of the lake. Go back to the main square passing through Piazza dell’ Orologio and walk in the Corso to Piazza San Rocco: stop there to rest by  the beautiful fountain. The visit continue with a lakeside walk (starting from one of the three main avenues) taking a look at the port.

Along the way, you will find artisan shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and pizzerias. For more information about where to eat keep an eye on the next post!